Systemic family sessions

Systemic family sessionsThese sessions are for the whole family, or groups within the family targeting specific issues. The aim of these is to help you find restoration and deeper understanding of each other’s needs.  Whether you are struggling with communication, been through a traumatic event which is impacting you as a family, or just need a space to come to talk and explore feelings and emotional responses within your family, systemic family sessions can help.

Our systemic practitioner will carry out these sessions.  Initial assessment sessions will take place to see what your needs are as a family and how we can best support you and work together.  This work is based on a collaborative approach, exploring making meaning and resolving issues together as a family,

The cost for this service is between £45 - £60 per session.  Subsidised sessions are available through our hope fund.  Contact us for more information.

These can take place in schools, family home or neutral location as agreed with therapist and family.


Art of relationship

Couples support

Therapeutic support programme for couples

We are offering a 4-week support programme for couples:
Our aim is to help couples better understand each other through creative therapy approaches, whilst providing opportunities to strengthen family relationship and develop communication.

Through the course we will explore:
• Communication styles
• Dealing with conflict
• Emotions and how we share them
• Listening and being heard

This programme is run on a one-to-one basis and couples can self refer.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information please contact us for dates, venues and costs.